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How to apply Dglass Coat

Perform the following on a covered or work surface as the coating could possibly damage an expensive surface if leaked onto it.

While the following demonstration is on a phone, the same procedure should be followed when applying Dglass Coat to jewelry, windshields or any other glass etc. surface it is used to protect.

When applying Dglass Coat, please be sure to follow these steps or the coating my not react properly and thereby fail to gain maximum strength. Basically, it is applied as follows:

  1. Make sure the glass is clean
  2. Apply the coating by rubbing it into the glass in a circular motion with the application pad, alternating between clockwise and counterclockwise rotation (this will make it sink in better and becomes more effective).
  3. Rub the coating into the glass with the first cloth
  4. Apply water and rub it into the glass with the second cloth
  5. Wipe down the glass with the third cloth
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 two more times so that the coating is applied three times in total

Note that while three coatings are the minimum recommended and sufficient for most situations, adding more coats will give the glass added strength.

When applying each layer, it is enough to only moisten the surface with Dglass Coat (before treating it with water as shown). Its strength increases with additional layers but NOT by applying a lot of Dglass Coat in one layer.

Also, while Dglass Coat will immediately strengthen the glass, it takes about a week for it to reach its full hardening potential.

As the hardener reacts with and becomes part of the glass, there is no need to reapply for the life of the glass.

Keep in mind that your glass will be stronger after proper application but not unbreakable. You still should exercise proper caution as a hard fall or other abuse could still potentially break the glass Dglass Coat was applied to.

If the screen already has cracks in it, Dglass Coat can still be used to prevent new cracks. However, it will not fix existing cracks.

As Dglass Coat does not keep after being opened, it is important to be ready to do all planned applications before opening the package. Then, apply as many layers as you intend in succession and finish all applications relatively soon (although there is no need to rush).

Dglass Coat may be purchased here but it may also be found on US Amazon or eBay.