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Dglass Coat Demonstration Videos

Dglass Coat was applied to the phone in the video, giving it the hardness of 9H tempered glass. This made it possible for the glass screen to go through various tests without scratching, nicking, chipping or breaking when rubbed with a sharp nail, key, screwdriver or even box cutter and knife. In addition, it did not crack when the weight was dropped on it, which is similar to the stresses that would be inflicted on a screen when a phone is accidentally dropped onto a hard surface.

Unlike other screen protectors, Dglass Coat reacts with and becomes part of the glass and will therefore last for the life of the product.

The uses of Dglass Coat are not limited to phone or tablet screens, and it can also be used to harden others glass products.

How Dglass Coat works and demonstrations of its strength

A longer demonstration version with narration