Dglass Coat Demonstration Videos+

Dglass Coat was applied to the phone in the video, giving it the hardness of 9H tempered glass. This made it possible for the glass screen to go through various tests without scratching, nicking, chipping or breaking when rubbed with a sharp nail, key, screwdriver or even box cutter and knife. In addition, it did not crack when the weight was dropped on it, which is similar to the stresses that would be inflicted on a screen when a phone is accidentally dropped onto a hard surface.

See third party tests for outside proof of the effectiveness of Dglass Coat.

Unlike other screen protectors, the layers Dglass Coat forms become part of the surface being protected and will therefore last for the life of the product. The uses of Dglass Coat are not limited to phone or tablet screens, and it can also be used to harden other glass products. To learn how to properly apply Dglass Coat, please go to Dglass application video.

The following videos show and explain how Dglass Coat can protect your phone and other products from breakage, cracks, nicks and other damage.

Dglass Coat test on a phone

Dglass Coat test on ordinary glass

How Dglass Coat can protect your car’s windshield and other glass surfaces

A more detailed explanation of how Dglass Coat works and tests

A Japanese newspaper article on Dglass Coat can be found here.

Dglass Coat may be purchased here but it may also be found on US Amazon or eBay.