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Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun Article

The following article appeared in The Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun (a Japanese newspaper covering industrial matters) on July 4, 2019

Note that Arc Coat is exactly the same product as Dglass Coat but only under another name.

Pencil Hardness of Over 9H Achieved (see pencil hardness for explanation)

The glass coating technology “Arc Coat” by ARC FLASH (Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, Toru Sasakawa, 03-5337-7275) has been gaining increasing attention. The coating creates a very strong pencil hardness of 9H or more on surfaces. Already used as a surface protection coating for cars as well as a screen protector for smart phones, new applications to include protecting the surface layers of solar panels and LCD displays are also being explored.

It consists of a solvent obtained by diluting a polysilazane mixture, which is a functional coating solution, into dibutyl ether. When applied to a surface and water is applied, a hydrolysis reaction creates a glass laminate film that has a stone wall structure. When properly applied to the base material, “It is extremely long lasting and durable coating that also provides very smooth layer of glass” (Company President Sasakawa).

In an experiment, a 67 gram iron ball was dropped on a blue glass sheet that was 100 millimeters square and 2 millimeters thick. While the untreated glass broke when the ball was dropped from 45 centimeters, the glass treated with Arc Coat did not break at a height of 130 centimeters.

In addition to many inquiries from China, the company is aiming to steadily expand with applications to include demonstration experiments on ship propellers.

PDF file of original article and Japanese below.






日刊工業新聞  201974日記事

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