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  • This coating, utilizing Nobel Prize winning nano-particle technology developed for bullet-proof vests, gives phone and tablet screens the strength of 9H tempered glass.
  • The coating is made from a fine silica-based solution. After it is wiped onto the screen and water is applied, a strong layer of glass is formed by a chemical reaction. This coating is is not affected by ultraviolet rays and will last for the life of the glass.
  • Unlike other screen protectors that sit on top of glass, this product penetrates the small, uneven contours of a surface, giving the entire surface a layer of protection that is not noticeable to the touch. The layers are thin (0.2 ~ 0.3 micrometers) and will not affect the operation of touch-screen devices.
  • Application of 3 layers gives glass the strength of 9H tempered glass and makes surfaces resistant to dirt and easier to clean (but will not make them unbreakable).
  • Each order contains three application packete and nine application cloths. Each application packet is enough to give roughly 2 tablet-size screens three layers of coating (note, Dglass must be applied soon after it is opened).

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