How does Dglass Coat work?
After it is rubbed onto the glass and water is applied (see How to Apply Dglass Coat), a chemical reaction forms a thin layer of glass that matches the contours of the glass at a nano-particle level. After several layers, a glass surface will have the strength of roughly 9H tempered glass (see How Dglass Coating Works).

See third party tests for outside proof of the effectiveness of Dglass Coat.

Will this make glass unbreakable?
No. However, proper application will give the glass the strength of 9H tempered glass. This will protect glass from breaking, chipping and other damage in most situations, but it will not make the glass unbreakable.

How many times should it be applied?
Glass will become stronger after each coating. In general, three coats is recommended and sufficient for most uses. However, applying more coats has been tested on some phones and shown to give glass even greater strength without affecting the operation of touch screens.

Will the glass coating be noticeable?
As the coating layer is very thin, it will not affect the operation of touch-screen devices, cannot be seen and is not noticeable to the touch apart from sometimes making glass feel smoother.

How long does Dglass Coat last?
Dglass Coat is inorganic, not affected by ultraviolet rays and will last for the life of the surface it is protecting. Once the coating has been properly applied, there is no need to apply it again for the life of the glass.

How much will one packet coat?
The packets are relatively small, but one is enough to coat roughly two tablet sized devices with three coatings each. Once the packet is opened, it should be used in its entirety.

Dglass Coat may be purchased here but it may also be found on US Amazon or eBay.