Ways of Using Dglass Coat

Cell phone, tablet computer and other electronic device screens
As these devices are often with us in our daily lives, sometimes dropped and expensive to replace, they are an obvious choice for Dglass Coat, which will not affect the operation of touch screen devices.Dglass Coat Mobile

The clear screen covers that many use to protect electronic screens are actually weaker than the screens they are supposed to protect and therefore serve very little function. Dglass Coat by comparison will give the screen the strength of 9H tempered glass, and make it less likely to break or scratch. In addition, it will help keep screens cleaner and last for the life of the product without ever needing to be reapplied.

See third party tests for outside proof of the effectiveness of Dglass Coat.

Dglass Coat can be used to strengthen any glass surfaces on cars, but the most useful application is on windshields. Dglass Coat applied to a car windshield will make it less likely to crack, scratch or chip. In addition, rain repellent will last twice as long when applied over Dglass Coat.

One pack contains enough liquid to give a front windshield one coat of protection.

pearlsWhen Dglass Coat is applied to pearls, it creates a coating that prevents nicks and scratches, yellowing and other degradation caused by daily use, sweat, ultraviolet rays etc. It also makes them more resistant to picking up dirt.

Dglass Coat will more than double the strength of any glass and the chances of suffering from broken windows will be greatly reduced with it applied.

Glasses, dishes and cooking utensils
Dglass Coat is safe to put on food and drink utensils and offers a way of protecting those more expensive and prized utensils from breaking while making them more resistant to picking up dirt and thus looking cleaner.

As a use on surfaces other than glass, when applied to cooking utensils to include pots, it will help prevent nicking and scratching while also making them less likely to pick up dirt.

Other uses
These are just some of the most obvious uses for Dglass Coat. As it will strengthen any glass, it can be used on any glass product. In addition, it can also help prevent some types of damage to products that are not made of glass to include the jewelry and cookware uses mentioned above or others not mentioned such as on the back of cell phones.

A Japanese newspaper article that covers some possible uses of Dglass Coat can be found here.