Give Your Products the Strength of 9H Tempered Glass!

Glass has long been easily breakable, and almost everyone has experienced a cracked phone screen or other problems with the fragility of most glass. However, with this patented product from Japan (go to Japan Patent Information and look up patent number 6567788 to see translated patent for further information), glass products can have a strength you never thought possible (see third party tests).

Dglass Coat is a new technology that can give your phone screen and other products the strength of 9H tempered glass. Once applied, it creates fine layers of glass coating that match the contours of the surface it is applied to (see how Dglass Coat works). This coating will not only greatly strengthen the surface and make it very resistant to cracking, shattering, chipping and other damage, but it also has properties that keeps glass cleaner and resistant to fingerprinting.

It is applied by simply rubbing it into the glass and then adding water (see application), which acts as a catalyst to create protective layers that strengthen and protect the surface.

Note that Dglass Coat strengthens glass but does NOT make it unbreakable.

How Dglass Coat works and the protection it offers

The hardener was applied to the phone in the video. With the protection is offers, this phone does not scratch when rubbed with a sharp nail, key, screwdriver or even a box cutter and knife. In addition, it does not crack when the weight is dropped on it, which is similar to the stresses that would be inflicted on the screen if it was accidentally dropped.

As Dglass Coat is inorganic and not affected by ultraviolet rays, once properly applied, there is no need to apply it again for the life of the product. It is inexpensive and will protect your valuables for a fraction of their cost.

How it works and more demonstrations.

Strength test comparing glass treated with Dglass Coat with that which was not.


Dglass Coat may be purchased here but it may also be found on US Amazon or eBay.