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Waseda University Nanotechnology Platform

The following is a translation of the report at the bottom of this page which was created by Waseda University in Japan based on tests of Dglass Coat.

Waseda University Nanotechnology Platform
Microfabrication Nanoplatform Consortium

Date: 2018/11/18

Person in charge: Toru Sasagawa

Research theme: Analysis of samples in iron ball drop test

Research outline (contents of request)
Perform an iron ball drop test on 10 prepared glass samples for each parameter. Excluding the highest and lowest values, an average was obtained for each based on 8 samples. This was then compared to untreated glass.

Fraud prevention

  • Users (all members) involved in this registration application are collaborating with the Nanotechnology Research Center (NTRC).
    We support implementation of bylaws (Platform Consortium for Micro-machining), understand and will comply with the guidelines in our efforts to prevent fraud.

Correspondence time and date: 2018/11/18

Confirmed/Sealed: Mizuno Ishikawa

The test piece is blue plate glass 2mm thick, 100mm in length and width. A minimum of 10 samples were used for each test. The average was obtained by excluding the highest and lowest results and averaging the 8 remaining samples. We also compared it to protective film sold at Docomo shops.

table-1 waseda


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